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We are a gaming & esports startup building amazing media products, events and challenging ourselves every day. We leverage our industry expertise to provide specialized services through a gaming culture marketing agency. Our services are top of the shelf, and we onboard clients starting from a strategic level.Our team is a spicy mix of young, energetic individuals and seasoned veterans that will help you navigate in the complex and evolving world of video games. We have experienced the rise of the industry from fringe to mainstream and share a passion to deliver memorable experiences for gaming fans, while creating sustainable ecosystems for esports.All content operations are in house and start from our Gamers Lounge Studio, as we want to establish the company as a multidisciplinary creative that is expanding from video games to entertainment and culture.
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pixel-perfect (comparative more pixel-perfect, superlative most pixel-perfect)
  1. (video games, design) Involving precision at the pixel level.

Our Services



We work with you to identify brand space, establish business goals, and select appropriate KPIs. We then draw from our experience and data or conduct market research to propose the best ways to leverage gaming and esports.


We create and deliver activities in all social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch). We know how to reach and engage gamers in an effective way.


In line with brand goals, we handle all aspects of partnerships with brands and influencers active in the space. We select the most appropriate partners, manage the relationships, and enhance synergies.


We offer a wide range of marketing services that will help you gain insights in the fast-paced gaming industry. Whether you need strategic, creative, production or activation assistance, our expertise is at the disposal of your current marketing projects.


Bespoke events

We shape ideas into dedicated events, presence on third-party organizers or other BTL activations. We fully undertake realization, including concepts of e-sport tournaments.


In a world where “content is king” we take special pride in our digital expertise. Whether you are looking for video animation assets, event highlights and impressions or the concept and realization of ads our team will excite you and the audience alike.


We specialize in the natural habitat of gamers, realizing shows and broadcasts tailored to your requests. In addition to our technical execution we source on-air talent, develop show rundown and activate the audience by engaging them with community tools.


Our writers’ proficiency in the unique language of gamers provides the best context for your audience from event and news coverage to opinion pieces.

Gamers Lounge

The first studio was 60sqm set with 5 cameras and a control room that produced more than 300 Live Show days since June 2019. The growth of owned content and client requests led us to our next step; a brand new multifunctional 700sqm space that houses multiple studios and offices.

Gamers Lounge is our home and community brand that engages more than half a million gamers in Greece. It is the creative umbrella for in-house Media products, the majority of which are broadcasted live on YouTube & Twitch and amplified on Social Media.

Our Partners

Our team

Our team is a spicy mix of young, energetic individuals and seasoned veterans that will help you navigate in the complex and evolving world of video games. We have experienced the rise of the industry from fringe to mainstream and are more motivated than ever to reveal its vast potential for your brand.

Konstantinos Zervos

Co-founder & Managing Director

Konstantinos almost got involved in the field of finance, but fortunately his love for gaming and startups prevailed. The experience he gained while working for development companies gave him everything he needed to create Pixel Perfect along with Petros. He has managed to convince well-known brands to get involved in the world of gaming and esports. You will usually find him behind an excel sheet, talking passionately about the company’s latest projects or playing League of Legends and Hearthstone.

Petros Titis

Co-founder & General Manager

For over two decades Petros has been the “mastermind” behind the top esports events in Greece. Greek Legends, TiF eGaming, PES League Greece and ESG tour Mykonos are just some of them. He is the engineer and conductor behind all Pixel Perfect productions. You’ll usually find him drawing out floor plans, testing out crazy ideas, or playing a quick game of Clash Royale.

Stelios Manousakis

Marketing Director

Even though Stelios started out as a sports journalist, he couldn’t bear to stay away from the competitive League of Legends scene, which he loved & loves with great passion. He arrived to Pixel Perfect as editor-in-chief and host of the Greek Legends League, but very quickly evolved into his current role. You’ll usually find him on his laptop coordinating our projects, talking NBA or exploring the world of EA Sports FC.

Thanos Manousakis

Operations Director

Thanos is the “heart & soul” of Pixel Perfect and he is always there to make sure that everything works to perfection. He came as Stelios’ brother but in a short period of time he became equally indispensable. Regardless of the time of day, Thanos makes sure everything works and as he says “try not to waste our time”. You’ll usually find him in Notion, Google Drive, or watching his teammates delete characters in WoW Classic Hardcore Mode.

Thanasis Tzanis

Art Director

Thanasis has infinite energy and with his creativity and his original talent as his very own “weapons” he creates the image that “skyrockets” the Pixel Perfect projects. His love for video games and esports brought him to the team, but he is now the driving force behind the development of broader entertainment projects. You’ll usually find him over his Mac creatively arguing with Stelios about their teams in EA Sports FC.

Dimitris Klouvatos

Technical Director

Even though he arrived at Pixel Perfect as the person responsible for the audio that reaches our audiences, DImitris quickly became the man behind all audio-visual productions. He ensures that all live and non-live streams are at the level of Pixel perfection. Whether he is in the studio or outside, Dimitris ensures that what will reach the eyes and ears of the public is as high quality as possible. You’ll usually find him sitting behind large consoles and screens or explaining EA Sports FC to Stelios and Thanasis

George Desypris

Events Director

With many years of experience, George makes sure that every event organized by Pixel Perfect is an unforgettable experience for everyone. With hard preparation and detailed planning, he ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises and lays the foundations for large and successful events that would be discussed for a long time. You’ll usually find him holding a ruler and tools as he reminisces about his Sega Rally days.

Manos Marantinos

Motion Graphic Designer

Manos is an expert in motion design and can give life to anything through 2D & 3D Animation. His amazing creations give a different color to every Pixel Perfect project, however, his talents extend to game directing and video editing. You’ll usually find him embroidering some video, talking about anime and cosplay, or trying to explain the superiority of Fighting Games as a genre.

Konstantinos Apostolos Rammos

Creative Project Manager

He is one of Pixel Perfect’s most creative minds. Konstantinos’ ideas have led to some of the most interesting projects in new areas of entertainment. He is not a “only theory” guy,, since he does everything in his power to ensure that everyone gets the ideal final product. You’ll usually find him building concepts like “If you know, you know” and playing League of Legends on Bronze.

Magdalini Panagiotaki

Camera Operator / Video Assistant

Magdalini is a cinematographer – with studies in Direction – who makes sure to improve the entire video workflow. She loves her job and never misses an opportunity to show it, especially at outdoor events with her endless energy. You’ll usually find her hanging out with a camera, fixing the lights, or playing ARAMakia in League of Legends.

Kyriakos Chatzileris

Vision Mixer & Photographer

Kyriakos came to Pixel Perfect as a technical wildcard and what he lacks in experience he makes up for in passion, energy and speed of learning. In no time he understood all the transmission systems we use and operated them all by himself to perfection. He loves photography and very soon he will become a world famous photographer.. You’ll usually find him standing up and ready for any challenge, even in League of Legends.

Nikos Perifanis

Business Development Manager

The communication skills of Nikos brought him to Pixel Perfect, but his innovative ideas were a sweet extra and have already been used in multiple projects. He loves anything digital and he has a great mind for the business. You’ll usually find him explaining the benefits of the Unreal Engine and playing single player games like Assassin’s Creed.

Petros Bani

Social Media Manager

Petros at 19 years of age knows everything there is to know about social media. With his youth and his love for technology, he quickly became a “guru” of social networks. Despite his young age, he knows that he shouldn’t leave anything to chance and knows when and what to post in order to attract the eyes of those who scroll. You’ll usually find him with his cell phone preparing the next viral hit, whether it’s TikTok trends or gaming and esports.

Konstantinos Tsachalos

Video Editor

Konstantinos is an extremely talented and creative filmmaker who gives emphasis on the quality of the content he creates and edits. He came to Pixel Perfect to complete the most demanding missions in impressively fast times, and is rumored to be able to edit even when he is working out at the gym. You’ll usually find him with a camera in hand while having (roughly) successful EA Sports FC tournament runs.

Kosmas Baxevanidis

On-air Talent / Assistant Producer

When he is not in front of a camera, Kosmas works tirelessly behind it. He’s learning very quickly. He quickly made his mark on the competitive League of Legends scene and now works as a production assistant on several Pixel Perfect projects. You’ll usually find him hosting shows, learning League of Legends even better, or explaining why Yu-Gi-Oh is the best card game.

Konstantina Ieronimaki

Community and League Operator

Konstantina has been involved in community management since 2015, when she started managing Facebook groups for League of Legends. She also moderates the Twitch Channel and in the past she worked on LEC’s official Discord channel. We can safely say that Riot’s games are her “Great Love”! She holds the position of chief administrator and “enforcer of the law”, in various tournaments and leagues.

Dimitris Michalakakos

Copywriter / Content Creator

Dimitris makes sure to keep you updated on everything happening at Pixel Perfect. He creates attractive content that can attract even the most demanding reader and knows how to shed the spotlight on everything you must read. You’ll usually find him where there’s a cult element, JRPGs, Trading Card Games, sports and hard to find beers.

Magic Bus

Strategic Partner

The Magic Bus Co. is an awards winning Marketing & Events Agency, that covers all industries and markets but specializes in sports. They design, plan and execute projects from A to Z for major local and international brands such us adidas, Coca-Cola, Heineken, EKO, OPAP, What’s Up by Cosmote, Euroleague Basketball. With a high level of expertise and an extensive network of partners, The Magic Bus Co. has partnered with Pixel Perfect in order to maximize the commercial value of its in-house media products and to deliver high quality event production services. Learn more about the wizards

Kira & Lucy

Office Support

Kira (left) and Lucy (right, lying down) are next to us every day, in all productions, even the external ones, looking for food and caresses!

Our Studio

Welcome to our new home is a 700sqm multimedia space that houses multiple studios and offices, where innovation and creativity converge to redefine the future of entertainment! This is a dynamic hub for live production, post production, podcasts & vidcasts, esports broadcasts & events of any kind.

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